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You work hard to maintain your companies reputation so let us help you maintain your companies “IMAGE”.

We’ve had the privilege of providing photography services to some the most recognized brands in the Delhi NCR. Our pool of professional corporate photographers along with well equipped production staff, the team has worked hardand dedicated entirely to each client in capturing quality and professional images and business portraits, shooting from studio, to client offices or other preferred venues.
Contact us today to speak about how our corporate photography in Delhi NCR can work with you to provide photo coverage of your next event or for your professional photos and headshots!

Corporate photography is any type of photography or videography which can be used to promote a company’s brand, products and services.  As you know, corporate photography and videography are being used by most business organisations to document social events and create visual content for internal newsletters, quarterly reports, and marketing materials. The main goal of corporate photography is to sell and brand which points out the fact that corporate photographers have to work closely with brands.

Corporate Photography Subjectsmay be anything that ranges fromCorporations using nature, animals, buildings or facilities to establish their brands, sell the product line and stand out from their competitors. We believe that creativity and innovation are key factors to differentiate potential sales, which is the main reason corporations need photographers to add to their marketing and advertising efforts. Our photographers can bring a changing perspective to advertising campaigns with their creativity, vision, and specialization; we can use this to refine a corporation’s image.

We also  take pictures of events, employees, and conventions for internal newsletters, quarterly reports, Web sites, and marketing documents. Corporate photographyis not limited to selling products and services. It is about packaging the business so your brand can move forward and  thrive.Corporate Photography includes any photography done for the purpose of use by a company in the process of promoting the products or services.

A brief list of some things that corporations use photography for:

  • Conferences and events companies are always having meetings and conferences. For the bigger, more important ones, we will often document the process and use the images in newsletters, on your website, or in follow ups.
  • Conventions and trade shows: These are where a group of companies in the same field or industry come together to share information, knowledge, or products. Just like conferences and meetings, they provide a greater opportunity for photographers. There is usually at least one photographer on hand to document convention that occur and share the images among participants.
  • E-learning and training: Many companies have some type of e-learning system for employee training. Which is dedicated to make that training personalized and visually appealing through the use of company-branded photos and videos.
  • Marketing and branding material: This could range from anything from images that highlight the consumer experience of using a company to images that capture the company’s office culture – both to be used in a hundred ways.
  • Corporate headshots: Many companies want images of their employees all photographed in the same style for use on their website.

We are dedicated to provide all our clients with high quality photographs that caters to your company’s style and guidelines as we are a reliable Corporate Photography Service provider in Delhi NCR providing professional media coverage.

Corporate photography is not just about taking photos of employees wearing dark suits in white background. It can be further divided into different categories and sub-groups.

Traditional portrait: Most commonly used type of corporate portraits. In a traditional portrait, as the name suggests the face is the pre-dominant element. The subject will have to look straight ahead directly to the camera to depict visual representation of the person. It may either be up to the shoulder level or the area above the waist.

Environmental portrait: Corporate portraits aren’t always studio-type shots. However, it is a good idea to incorporate the subject’s business when possible. Under environmental portrait, the pictures are taken in a place that is relevant to the individual’s business or corporate identity. For example, a teacher, will be photographed in the classroom; while an engineer will be photographed at the construction area. Aside from the facial expression, the relationship between the subject and his environment is also emphasised upon.

Group portrait: Group portraits may feature three to hundreds of people within which the number of people to be shot entirely depends on organisational preferences of the firm. In this type of portrait, the employees would usually sit or stand side-by-side. All the employees have to do is stand to get clicked while our photographers highlight the bond existing between the group members.

Business in action: Today’s corporate portraits need to tell a story. Here, the subject uses some props of his/her workplace and the photographer captures images of the individual while in action. The focus is not entirely on the person’s profile, but on the business activity.

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·         Quality Corporate Photographs.

·         Experienced team of Professionals.

·         Excellent Customer Service.

·         Customer’s satisfaction is our priority. We make sure that you are provided with our photographer, who is well suited for your product, or portrait shoot based on one’s experience. We always usea backup in the unlikely event of gear failure.

·         Reasonable Charges for Quality work.

We provide you quality work at competitive prices. Most of the time, we get what we pay, as the saying goes! We also have flexible payment options. Get in touch with us for more details.

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