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Photographers for wedding in Delhi

Best Photographers for wedding in Delhi, Professional photographers for wedding in Delhi, photographers for wedding in Delhi, Are you planning your romantic and intimate Indian wedding? Locations whether city or countryside offer outstanding scenery. Anywhere you pick will be a dream come true.

Delhi has some of the most diverse local culture and scenic wedding venues for you to choose from., so why not choose the best wedding photographer in Delhi?  Apart from being a destination wedding photographer in Delhi, I cover the whole of the India. Being voted the top wedding photographers of the India in 2022. I’m looking forward to more Indian destination weddings and elopements to photograph. I want to capture the stunning settings that exist in the Indian landscape whilst blending you as a couple and your chosen guests into the scenery. I look to create a dreamlike story of your day to showcase your exact moments. I am a hopeless romantic and adore capturing those most in love moments couples show on their wedding day. As an Indian destination wedding photographer I adore the light and landscape. There is something completely different to Italian light and how it falls compared to Delhi light.

But it is also quite tricky. On my first Indian wedding is was a steep learning curve to understand the harsh mid day sun and to work quickly with the beautiful golden hour lighting. As an Indian wedding photographer, I use the olive trees, stonework, fields and golden hour sunsets to really capture your location in all of its glory. After all, you have booked a Indian destination wedding so we really need to make use of the uniqueness that your setting is giving you. Being inspired by my fashion work I look at your surroundings, your dress and bridal party to really create storytelling images as well as the fun and friendly group shots. One answer only. TRUST. There is a pure level of trust that goes into wedding photography and it is a very long process. From consults, the engagement shoot to the wedding day itself, choosing images, creating albums etc. Having that relationship in the India with a phone call away, meeting face to face several times and fluent Hindi on the day and back home can really help. As well as potential communication issues on the day. There have been horror stories around booking a destination supplier and then having no communication after the wedding and no photos!  This is not to say it happens every time and to bad mouth suppliers! There are amazing suppliers in Delhi. However its about that piece of mind. After all your wedding images are your keepsake from the day and need to be perfect. There are also different photographic styles in each country, so you may find the local photographers only work for a few hours where as a Delhi based wedding photographer would work from preparations through to first dance. So this is completely a personal choice for you to make. Searching for the best Delhi wedding photographers to potentially capture your big day? We at Peerspace understand how huge this decision is! After all, a wedding day is not just monumental because two people in love decide to share their vows together. But you also get to revisit the day through your wedding photographs. It’s a gentle reminder of the promises you make to each other. And if these photographs are able to evoke the same emotion every time you look at them, it means the photographer has managed to do their job well. Here, we present the finest Delhi wedding photographers who managed to capture our imagination with their extraordinary creativity. Ajay’s shoots are intimate, relaxed affairs where she gets to befriend the couple before capturing their most tender moments. She got her start in photography after a friend asked her to shoot her wedding. Though she had a law degree in hand, photography is what captured her heart. And we’re happy it did! Ajay loves to catch a glorious sunset as a backdrop and often finds herself shooting at the beach, the local park, or even a backyard garden.

Her incredible photos shot amidst nature will bewitch you, to say the least. She also does not shy away from taking lovely group shots of your family and friends having an unforgettable time at your wedding. In fact, he uses natural light and minimal props to make it all look completely effortless. Ajay draws his inspiration from classic cinema, discerning photojournalism as well as modern art and design. His evocative images bring out authentic emotions from everyone he captures — be it an emotional father putting his arm around his daughter while walking her down the aisle, or the groom shy smiling as he looks at his bride in her wedding gown for the first time. Ajay knows how to move people through his visual storytelling. She finds great pleasure in shooting the candid, spontaneous moments of the day’s events and building them into a powerful narrative. For instance, the bride fixing her veil or the guests raising their wedding toasts are moments she highlights. Ajay’s easygoing, humorous approach makes guests trust her enough to lower their guard while she moves around with her lens. And the result? Stunning images perfectly reflecting the moods and mannerisms of everyone in the frame, ultimately becoming the couple’s most cherished memories. Fun and laughter are two recurring themes in his images, which instantly strike us. He also allows his instincts to guide him as he blends in discreetly among the guests to capture happy couples enjoying their big day. The merriment in the air is palpable from his fascinating images that make one want to dance the night away barefoot, without a care in the world. The deeply personal tone of his images help bring out the true inner self in his muses.

In this pandemic era, among countless Delhi wedding photographers, Oliver has also managed to beautifully capture quite a few micro-weddings, as couples have had to scale down their celebrations without wanting to scale down on the enjoyment. She is quite the fashionista whose personal sense of style comes forth in her images. Her closeups also reveal the pure unadulterated love between couples. Be it on a mountain top, amid a desert, in the middle of a vineyard, or beside an icy glacier, she has done it all. She also brilliantly captures the moments that unfold throughout the day, from shooting at elegant venues to taking behind-the-scene images of the bride getting her makeup and hair done. Through her lens, she manages to design profound memories for her clients—like the striking images of bright sunflower bouquets adding charm to her vivid compositions. Her terrific use of motion photography is quite rare for a wedding photographer. You can feel the cozy, inviting vibe of the affair and instantly wish to be at the venue. In addition to being a talented visual artist, she is a prolific writer who has authored an e-book on wedding photography and regularly writes for online publications. Every frame he composes has an amazing sense of aesthetics as well as adventure.

Ajay also tries to inject a youthful mirth in the pictures so that they truly reflect the joy felt by his muses. His use of wall graffiti as backdrops and attention to the smallest of details are all testament to his creative genius. As a couple who openly adore each other, they try to imbibe the same sense of joy, hope, and love in every wedding that they shoot. Their images of the newlyweds clearly show how besotted a couple are with one another. The Chamberlins catch each and every spontaneous moment as it unfolds as well the exquisite details like personal handwritten cards, customized vases, meticulous table décor, and more. The use of a warm color palette only adds to the charm.

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