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I photograph people in love. I photograph real people, true emotion and life changing moments. I photograph all people, from all corners of the world, to all corners of the world. I photograph passionately, naturally, creatively. Over the years couples have put their confidence in me to photograph some of the most important moments in their lives. This is something I take seriously. I am proud of this. Without them I could not do what I love. Because of their trust I have achieved a few things that make me proud.I met a young creative photographer that is working hard to make sure his photographs stand out amongst the legions of picture-takers in this popular and expanding medium. He leaned on my counter and gestured into space as he made that seemingly painful statement to me. “It no longer matters if a person knows anything about photography, anyone can take a picture”

His goal is to produce images that are visual statements of how he feels about the subjects he photographs. He has studied and studied and wants his work to be seen as more than just documents of the world around him.The medium of photography has become very accessible for everyone. The days when most serious photographers actually went to school to learn about photography and had to be an engineer and chemist are long gone.

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