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Recently I indicated you the stunning wedding photography blog film and stills from ruchika and vicky’s Owen House Wedding pre Wedding in delhi.

Today, I’ve chosen one of those pictures as my Why I Love this Wedding Photo Shoots highlights.

You’ll have seen in the event that you are a customary peruser of this blog my ongoing determinations for this arrangement have all been founded on feeling.

What’s more, that is for an excellent explanation; I accept that feeling is at the very heart, the texture on the off chance that you like, of each wedding association.

In this picture, ruchika has quite recently been strolled down the walkway by her sibling and sees her prospective spouse for the absolute first time.

Much like my past post, The Beautiful Touch, the feeling here is driven by eye to eye connection.

ruchika and vicky were a cool couple, yet additionally an extremely adoring couple and I’m certain they will have an exceptionally glad coexistence.

I feel that as a narrative wedding photographers in delhi, watching and catching these minutes is the most basic an aspect of my responsibilities.

It’s extremely not entirely obvious these passing looks, and don’t accept that simply shooting many casings always is the best approach to catch the occasion.

In my brain, these minutes are inconceivably significant for the couple and it’s dependent upon me to catch the picture discreetly and thoughtfully, and vitally, without influencing the minute by any stretch of the imagination.

The exact opposite thing I would need as this delightful minute unfurls is for Vicky to take a gander at me – and that would occur on the off chance that I was running through several casings with the desire for getting one great shot.

Minutes like this are recollections that will endure forever but on the other hand are so transitorily fast.

This is the reason I love this wedding photograph shoots and I trust you do as well.

Best Pre Wedding Photographers in Delhi India

Wedding bells !

That is actually an incredible news. All things considered, to begin with Best Candid Wedding Photographers in Delhi India, I am certain you more likely than not began getting ready for your wedding now. The most basic is your wedding photography and there are a few things to take care of to at long last book your Wedding Photographers.

Gone are those occasions when wedding photography was a basic method to click lady of the hour and the man of the hour alongside loved ones, however now photography has been taken to the next level with originality in it, there is a great deal a wedding photographer can do to make your wedding an ideal journal to value for eternity. Pre wedding photography has become an essential piece of wedding shoot nowadays and generally wedding photographers offers Pre wedding shoot too in their bundles alongside different arrangements, in case you’re searching for a Pre wedding shoot, check on some good locations and also follow other criteria.

Pre Wedding Shoot

Pre wedding shoots are energizing, individuals have some good times in their Pre wedding shoots. In addition, Pre wedding photography shoot is an incredible method to know your picture taker before your wedding day and the photographic artist additionally has the chance to know both of you and your association better for the last day. It makes a kind of safe place for both the gatherings. As a matter of fact Pre wedding photography shoots are simply opportunity to get settled before camera and realize what suits you and what doesn’t go well with your character. Not just this Pre wedding photography shoot likewise set you up well for your wedding simply like warm up before going on the ring. 

Tips for choosing the best destination for pre wedding shoot: 

→ Take Your Story:- First of all, while picking an area, the primary interesting point is your story – How everything began like: How you met, where you met just because, your first date area, your first occasion goal, your first motion picture together, who proposed first, and where precisely the proposition was made. Truly, if your story is a hypnotizing one you would love to consider those spots for your Pre wedding shoot or video just to give it a flavor. 

→ Your Character and Personality:- Indeed, your character matters a ton, both of you can’t be of the same nature, practices, and character characteristics. You may adore something which your life partner to be certainly not. Regardless of whether you folks are a cordial individual or the person who wants to remain indoor generally. Your characters assumes significant job in any Pre wedding photography shoot. In such a case that the shoot is as per your characters than unquestionably the result will be ideal. While considering areas for your Pre wedding shoot don’t simply overlook the characteristics you folks have, it will give you that straightforwardness and solace which will be effectively reflect in your photos, conflicting with your characters may leave you disillusioned, which isn’t great, without a doubt. 

→ Topic, Colors and Theme:- While picking the area mind you, that your topic ought to be in a state of harmony with your picked area and on the off chance that it isn’t along these lines, at that point unquestionably it will affect the photos towards the end. Your picked topic will assist your picture taker with understanding the necessities of focal points and other gear and (whenever required) props and all which will be expected to mix with the nature and gaudy of the encompassing. 


→ Right Kind of Weather:- While picking your area for the Pre wedding shoot, climate and period of the wedding can’t be overlooked. Climate will especially affect your photos. Odds are that the season you are getting hitched sometimes falls short for the area which you have picked your Pre wedding shoot. It is in every case great to consider the time and period of your wedding before picking the Pre wedding photography shoot setting. Like in case you’re getting marry secured blustery season, would you appear for your photograph shoot outside… I am certain you know the results all your make-up will be gone and the dress you purchased exceptionally for your photograph shoot will be doused totally. Thoroughly consider it!! 


→ Your Decided Budget:- Wedding is itself an expensive undertaking, extremely expensive actually. Along these lines, before picking an area for your Pre wedding photography shoot, cash part can’t be disregarded, as cash assumes significant job. The more you spend the more costly your Pre wedding photograph shoot can go however in the event that you are tight in spending plan than you ought to consider this before picking a Pre wedding area. You might need to go outstation for your Pre wedding shoot yet then your financial limit doesn’t enable you to so better check the budget.


→ Location Check:- To have great Pre wedding photograph shoot it is prudent to visit your area in advance. You may have longed for having shot in some verifiable landmark when you last visited it ten years back when you were in school. How sure you can be since the landmark is still in a similar condition, it might be in corrupted condition now in light of the fact that the hole is enormous. Or on the other hand possibly there is a recreation center in your city which was famous once, why not to see it by yourself and check whether it is the place to go for your Pre wedding shoot or not. So, paying a visit is good in all those selected locations, it may cost you some time beforehand but will save a lot afterwards. You will have a clear idea about the place inside out.



At last, the only thing that is in any way important is your solace and your joy. In case you’re agreeable and cheerful, the photos will reflect it. So ensure you don’t pick anything out of your usual range of familiarity simply have that wild side of yours in your photos. As it’s a couple photograph shoot and it must be considered in the absolute in front of the pack of picking any thought, spot or area.


You can be wild and daring yet your accomplice may not be, take care that reality as well. Converse with your photographer and conclude everything in advance be it the area, your style, dresses, props everything and anything besides.

Pre Wedding Photography Delhi India — Wedding Photographers in Delhi-NCR

Pre Wedding is the most beautiful moments of the life and wedding photography is the process of capturing the those moments of wedding In the event that you are searching for a decent videographer to furnish you with a one-stop arrangement. So you should be capture theses moment of memorable in your life Wedding Photography […]

Pre Wedding Photography Delhi India — Wedding Photographers in Delhi-NCR

Wedding Photographers in Delhi, 2020

Wedding photography is my obsession and my respect. It is a workmanship that was skilled to me just to profit to a family for their wedding day as like wedding photographers in Delhi. A wedding day that we as photographers use as our canvas is a milestone of fresh starts in a couple’s life.

a day that the lady of the hour has been longing for since ponytails. It is a day that guardians expectation will come however supplicate it never will. It is a day that we will see fathers cry and moms grasp something well-known.

It is a day that will never happen again. Our photographic pictures are the way we recall. Weddings are magical. A expert wedding photographers in Delhi is a part of laughter and the pleasure; from the bride strolling down the aisle and the wedding celebration’s birthday party, to a mom’s tears and dancing on the reception.

But whilst documenting nuptials may be a satisfying profession preference – and can lead to multiple unfastened glass of champagne – it’s critical to take a critical technique to studying your craft. The satisfied couple is not going to forgive you for botched or subpar pix. So, to achieve success on this discipline, you’ll want to ensure your talents are high-quality.

Wedding snap shots also require many one of kind focal lengths and digital camera angles, making sure each people and items shine via your photographs. This is essential whilst you’re documenting someone’s special day. For example, all through the cake reducing, a marriage photographer will spotlight each the satisfied couple and the delectable dessert. Similarly, for wedding ceremony birthday celebration photographs, a photographer will focus on both the bridesmaids and groomsmen, at the side of the embellished gazebo in the heritage. A expert will recognize the connection between aperture and shutter pace, and the way aperture affects depth of area; when to apply a flash, or how mild impacts a bride’s face.

Do you need to take higher wedding pics? A wedding ceremony is one of the maximum treasured days of life for a pair. If you’re a marriage photographer, then it’s your obligation to capture the first-class moments and create a extremely good memory for the couples.

In this newsletter, we are able to share some of the pleasant suggestions on how to take beautiful wedding ceremony pics and commonplace wedding ceremony photography mistakes that have to continually be avoided. Here are a handful of the principles we’ll cover, so you’re properly prepared for your first shoot. if you want any services of wedding photography in Delhi NCR so please contact us as wedding photographers in Delhi

Best Wedding Photographers India — Wedding Photographers in Delhi-NCR

Best Wedding Photographers India Wedding Photographer The responsibility of a professional wedding photographer is to capture each and every moment be it fun, romance, or some candid emotion. Wedding photography act as a challenge for the photographer because the wedding happens once in life and it has to be great. Adequate research is required before […]

Best Wedding Photographers India — Wedding Photographers in Delhi-NCR

Wedding Photographer Delhi — Wedding Photography Studio in India

Pre Wedding Photography WPS Offer Best Photography Services Packages in Delhi – NCR Wedding Photographer Studio Delhi, Wedding Photography Delhi

Candid Wedding Photography

Wedding the name itself is a grand affair, talking about Indian weddings. They are like a grand festival that needs to be celebrated. The relatives, friends, and family members everybody is excited about this special day. 

The best way to capture each emotion is through candid wedding photography. Yes, candid wedding photography is indeed a new concept, and couples love it. With the help of candid photography, the photographer captures the most beautiful honest emotions during the wedding. In short, they hunt & capture moments that happen in the marriage without interfering and making the guests/family/bride & groom pose.

Generally, in Indian weddings, candid photography is a mixed bag of an old and new school, since the traditional rituals are being covered by the photographer in a mesmerizing way. The photographer plays a significant role in candid shots since he has to do a lot of hard work capturing people’s pic when they are not aware. In fact, these days the cost associated with candid wedding photography is on higher-end as compared to the traditional one.

The primary element involved in candid photography is capturing the natural emotions and phenomena of a wedding as it takes place. This is the best since it helps in getting people their best pictures at that particular wedding moment. The approach of clicking pic in candid photography is also different from the traditional ones, the lights are used, and the images are captured informally. The final decision on images depends on the skills of the photographer; also editing skills plays a significant role.

It is always advisable for a photographer to be aware of their client’s interests, what do they like, and what they want the theme of the wedding to be. Some of the tips given below are important for the client as well as the photographer:

  • It is an essential duty of the photographer to make the guest and couples aware that he can click images at any time. So everybody present at the wedding has to be mentally prepared for unexpected photo sessions. As a photographer, the person has to keep an eye for the best moments and click images. The settings of the camera must be made handy, and according to the light, the pic should be clicked instantly.
  • Before the start, the photographer should know his camera in and out, so that none of the best moments of couples and ritual are missed. This will help in adjusting the light asper the event for which the image has to be clicked. Also, make sure to have a small handy camera instead of a bug camera since it would be easy to capture every moment.
  • It is also advisable to make use of the telephoto zoom lens. With the help of this lens, the photos can be taken effectively. Generally, for a suitable photograph 100mm, 80-200 mm, and 200-400 mm lens are used, these lenses can help in capturing the exact emotions of the moments. Using a zoom lens can manage to capture the feelings, and the intimacy of the image can also be maintained.
  • Another piece of advice for the photographer is not to use flash while clicking the pictures of the wedding rituals. Some people hesitate as soon as the flashlight bumps up, so it’s better not to use it. Sometimes there is not enough light in the rituals that have been performed at the wedding. With the help of an active light setting of the camera that can be managed effectively. Sometimes too much noise is involved when people are enjoying and talking, but the photographer must focus and click the best.
  • It is advisable to capture special moments like the bride’s entry, groom’s entrance, and couples getting ready and group photos effectively. So candid photographer must perform his jobs instantly by forecasting what may happen next. For the same purpose, the whole team should visit the venue 3 4 days before the event with the organizers to have a clear understanding of what has to be done in the D day. With this, the photos will come the perfect way it has to be, and great locations for the pictures will also be decided.

Now here are some tips for the couples to follow before their wedding photography:

  1. Ensure to follow the latest trends of wedding photography on social media websites like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pin-interest. This activity will help you in doing your research before explaining what you exactly want from the photographer. Also, ensure the taking experience of your friends and family members who had recent l have had the wedding. Plan the things according to your budget and shortlist the photographer accordingly.
  2. Make sure to ask for the sample work of the photographer who has clicked the images in another wedding. Also, the types of images you are looking for your wedding do share with your shortlisted photographer. They will be able to guide you on whether they could meet your expectations or not.
  3. When the wedding affair is coming closer, please make sure that you introduce the whole crew to your family members. Since on the final day you won’t be able to coordinate with your photographers, the first coordinators will be the family members and relatives. Also, inform the strategy and theme of the wedding to family members so that they can manage the stuff and you can enjoy your wedding day.

So this was all about the stuffs that you should need to know about candid wedding photography. We have been associated with this photography business for a really long time, so we will be able to give you the best services. Feel to contact us in case you have any queries. Just go to the contact us menu, our representatives will get back to you soon.

Pre Wedding Photography

Lets talks about what does Pre-wedding shoot means precisely? You can call pre-wedding

shoot to be lifetime memory since it will be there with you after decades of the wedding. You can always get back relax and cherish those romantic moments. We at a wedding
photography studio can definitely make your wedding moments a tremendous experience filled with fun, emotion and full of memories that will last lifelong.
Pre-wedding shoot help couples in a variety of ways. It helps couples to build a strong bond. The photo-shoot or videography generally happens two to three months before the wedding day.


In case if the couple is planning to hire the same photographer on the wedding day. Then it could be advantageous because the couple is already familiar with the photographer skills. In fact, for a wedding photographer, it would prove to be an enthralling experience since they will also see the bond and affection the couple shares. Photographer and his team can get to know the couple better and get to know their preferences about the shoot. With such outcomes, your pre-wedding shoot experiences can be the best one to cherish for a lifetime. It is well said that "Rome was not built in a day " same goes in making memories through candid shots. We at the wedding photography studio ensure to capture the story of a couple of how they met, what do they like everything. We also make sure to highlight their hobbies and interests, e.g., if they like trekking, we prefer doing the shoot on mountainous locations. For us, every candid moment matters because they bring happiness in the face of couples.

Concepts of pre-wedding shoots:

121 (1)

In this section, we will take you through the best pre-wedding shoot concepts that are always in trend. This will give you a clear picture of which location and directions will suit you as a couple


1. The cultural and Traditional ones:
This is an ancient school concept but is always on-trend. With this, the couple gets to know their heritage and traditions applied by their families at the wedding. The photographer displays every custom and celebration that takes place at the time of the marriage. Talking about the Indian wedding, they are known to the whole world. Precisely an Indian wedding is like a festival which goes on for a minimum of 5 days with all rituals. The Indian wedding is so vast with the extreme importance of each tradition that includes fun and a lifetime memory. If the couple wants the traditional shoot, we will help them to pick the best location with effects specially focussed on cultural vibes. We make sure to consult you on every turn we take so that you are comfortable with it. We give suggestions as well since its been a long time for us to be associated with this industry. We also help you with choosing your attire, making you look subtle and sweet at the same time.
2. The stylish one:
This one comes with everything to be grand be it costumes, locations, generally it involves showing the grand affair with the help of pictures. The couples who like sophistication and eliteness usually go for a stylish photo shoot. We have a team for selecting grand dresses, but the ultimate choice is yours. For locations,
we make sure it goes with the theme and suits your attire as well. We ensure choosing the best site and giving you the best experience in the photoshoot.


3. Candid and casual shoots
The casual shoot is totally opposite to the stylish one. Here couples prefer to be natural and reminisce the memories of how they, met what do they like to do together and how they convinced their parents. The approach is to make things natural and pure. So the attire is also a casual one and location is chosen of a crowed place, market, park, etc. We, as a photographer makes sure that we click most of the candid shots to make the ambiance casual and straightforward.


4. Theme based Photo-shoots
We at the wedding photography studio have numerous ideas for the couples. They can
think and decide which one will suit them. The themes can differ be it the 1990's ones, vintage one, classic ones, and many more. The attire is chosen following the location and theme so that everything goes well. For e.g., if the couple has chosen a western theme photo shoot, then the attire and location should match. We will take care to capture the best candid moments to make the best memories.


After the trends, we will now discuss a few pointers you should keep in mind to make your pre-wedding shoot lifetime memory. Here are a few tips that you should keep in mind before your pre-wedding shoot:

Indu & Nishant

 Always pre-plan your wedding shoot-
The best timeframe for a pre-wedding shoot is 3 months before the D – day. With this you can research more on the trends, photo-shoots firms, budget everything. It is always advisable to pre-plan things strategically to avoid eleventh-hour hassles.
 Ensure to have the same photographer for all the wedding functions:
This measure will help to make a perfect bond with your partner and the photographer. The photographer will get to know you personally and will; give his best efforts to click. This bond will genuinely make your wedding memories a precious one.
 Try sticking to one theme and frame:
It is always advisable to be natural and candid during the photo session. Also, it is better to stick with one theme because combining everything that can ruin the final outcome. So sit back and think which frame will suit you and keep the session informal and candid sothat you get the best photos and videos.


So this was all about the things that you will need to know about pre-wedding photography. Feel to contact us in case you have any queries. Just go to the contact us menu, our representatives will get back to you soon.

Pre Wedding Photography WPS Offer Best Photography Services Packages in Delhi – NCR Wedding Photographer Studio Delhi, Wedding Photography Delhi Lets talks about what does Pre-wedding shoot means precisely? 1,011 more words

Wedding Photographer Delhi — Wedding Photography Studio in Delhi

Corporate Photography — W. P. S.

Photographs that define your Brand!Photography is all about capturing souls! Photos and videos tell your story and in the corporate world it is even more important as the visuals have the potential of making your prospective clients, partners and other stakeholders leaves first impression of your business. 109 more words

Corporate Photography — W. P. S.

Wedding Photographer India — W. P. S.

As much fun for what it’s worth to go for weddings, I totally cherish it when I get the chance to photo a wedding in the core of India. 297 more words

Wedding Photographer India — W. P. S.

Wedding Photographer Delhi — Wedding Photography Studio in Delhi

Pre Wedding Photography WPS Offer Best Photography Services Packages in Delhi – NCR Wedding Photographer Studio Delhi, Wedding Photography Delhi Lets talks about what does Pre-wedding shoot means precisely? 1,011 more words

Wedding Photographer Delhi — Wedding Photography Studio in Delhi

Professional Wedding Photographers in Delhi

Professional Wedding Photographers in Delhi. The responsibility of a professional Pre wedding photographer is to capture each and every moment be it fun, romance, or some candid emotion.

Wedding Photographer
Wedding photography act as a challenge for the photographer because the wedding happens once in life and it has to be great. Adequate research is required before hiring the photographer. Some of the skills to be seen are photography skills, style of photography, personal behaviour is also necessary to be considered.

A wedding is the most essential day in a person’s life. It is said that a marriage is like a festival which takes place between two families. The critical part comes cherishing memories; this can be done by making good memories by clicking the best snaps. For lifelong memories, it is vital to hire the best pre wedding photographer or agency, which will help the couple in cherishing those moments for a lifetime.

The responsibility of a professional wedding photographer is to capture each and every moment be it fun, romance, or some candid emotion. Wedding photography act as a challenge for the photographer because the wedding happens once in life and it has to be great. Adequate research is required before hiring the photographer. Some of the skills to be seen are photography skills, style of photography, personal behaviour is also necessary to be considered.

Few of the steps required while choosing the best wedding photography agency and photographer are as follows:
 Make decision on photography style-

At first, you need to make a decision regarding the style of photography. Do your researches refer to the photography styles in Instagram feeds, and imagine yourself being in that post. This will help you in getting to know various techniques and which would suit you and your partner. After having a handful amount of photography styles shortlist few and show this to your list of the photographer. Ask the photographer whether he/she would be able to arrange such shoots for you and your partner. Also, a professional photographer has their own range
of setups, and they do a mixture of every style and give you the best experience.

 Be aware with the testimonials and reviews:

Perform your research; keep visiting the social media pages of the wedding
agencies. Also, try to get in touch with the clients for whom they have performed the photo-shoot. The actual feedback from the previous work will help you to get the style of your list of the shortlisted photographer. You must see how the photographer is capturing every emotion, be it a happy moment or a sad one. Also, check how the photographer responds to their clients, i.e., what do they reply in their comment section of social media accounts. This will help you to understand the photographer’s behaviour, and it will be helpful for you in case you hire him.

 Try meeting in person:

Apart from researching on the internet, try to meet your photographer in person. You should be well versed with their schedule, try to tell in detail what exactly you are looking for. Try to keep all the communications in the mail regarding your photo-shoot. This will help to have clarity on what you desire and how can the photography company or photographer will help in providing services. Make sure to check the schedule of the photographer; in case he is occupied ask for his associate.

 View the work of the selected photographer:

Try to view the sample work of the photographer critically; this will help you in
understanding his style. Also, ensure to look for the moments which you want to get captures. For, e.g., when the bride enters the hall or when the groom holds the hands of the bride. Apart from this, you also need to make sure that his skills capture your friends too, this will help to make memories.

 Try to be friends with your photographer:
Friendly relationship and bonding with your photographer will help in good photo
sessions. The photographer will be able to understand you better and explain to you according to your comfort level. Sometimes couples are shy while posing for the shoot. But maintaining a good bond with the photographer can help you raising frankly. Also, some of the suggestions by the photographer for bright and happy pictures can help you a lot. When the photographer clicks, they click on a random basis , you will feel lethargic at times. But a good bond will help in effective communication, and both of you can enjoy the session. During the wedding day, many of your relatives will poke him to click pictures. A good bond will help in better understanding, and you can tell the nature of your relatives as well. You both need to have one on one conversation; this will help to understand which moments to capture.

 Be sure about cost component:
Many times everything is finalized, but the final problems occur in costing
components. You should talk about the average costing on the number of sessions. From the photographer's end, the range should be made manifest. Also, the standard assortment of shoot making should be made clear. Extra charges apply to every component should also be made crystal clear. Also, the couple should tell the photographer how many hours they want the photographer to be present in the event.

 Try to get every detail:

After the wedding, make sure to get in touch and get your photographs as soon as possible. For the same process, follow-ups are required from both the ends. Keep going in the editing sessions. This will help you to elaborate on what exactly you are looking for in your final image. Retouching and editing will be done effectively, and you can enjoy your photographs for the rest of your life.

So we have almost covered each aspect of the wedding photographer. We are in this industry for many years; get in touch with us for more queries. We would be privileged to answer you and help you in making great memories.

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